I personally believe to practice the Ebadatts offered to every Muslim for the prosperity of myself and all mankind.

I always share Islamic views with all my companions so that we keep away from every type of mishaps if we just follow the Islamic way of life, given to us by Allah.


              BIBI JAAN

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(The disjointed letters in Qur’an) by: M. Rashid Hai

The 29 surah (verses) of Qur’an start with some disjointed letters called ‘huruf-e-muqattat’at’ – disjointed letters. Some of these muqatta’at comprises of simply 1 letter, some of 2 letters, some 3 letters, some 4 letters and a few comprises 5 letters.

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Our Message

Sinister realities and mishaps sometimes wrap every human being in their lives – it is the moment when the person feels completely helpless. In that situation there is a solution – and that is adopting the spiritual path to get rid those evils from your life.

After studies of 4 long years we made the Loh-e-Qurrani to help a man to get rid of evils, worries and all sorts of bad lucks out of his/her life.

Both bad and good lucks are always with a man but the fortune can be achieved by the blessing of the Loh-e-Qurrani

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